A Planet Discovered Where Metals Instantly Turns Liquid


Scientists have discovered a planet 490 light-years from Earth hot enough to instantly turn metals into liquid. According to scientists, the planet in question has the second highest temperature measured.

While scientists continue to investigate whether planets located close to Earth, such as Mars, can support human life, they are also in deep space. Earth-like planets they keep searching. Hot enough to melt metal as researchers at the University of Southern Queensland continue their work in this area. a hellish planet they discovered.

Scientific name TOI-1431b This ultra-hot planet, also known as MASCARA-5b, is located 490 light-years from Earth. The largest planet of the solar system About twice the size of Jupiter The planet has a surface temperature that exceeds even the “red dwarf” category stars found in our galaxy.

The hellish planet discovered has the second highest temperature measured

hot planet

It is a visual representation.

Astrophysicist Dr. Brett Addison, “This is a pretty hellish planet; its temperature on the day side To 2 thousand 700 degrees CelsiusThe night temperature is approaching 2 thousand 300 degrees Celsius, no life form can exist in its atmosphere. Even the planet’s nighttime temperature second highest temperature measured he explained the terrible conditions on the planet they discovered.

Dr. Addison for the planet discovered “TOI-1431b is one of the hottest planets studied because it orbits very close to its star” He uses the expressions that we know as solid metals in the world titanium, platinum, stainless steel metals like these instantly turn into liquid on this planet. Nevertheless, the planet in question has a surface temperature of 5 thousand 505 degrees. Not as hot as the sun let’s specify.

Ultra hot planet moving against the direction of rotation of its star

hot planet

It is a visual representation.


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Extremely hot planets like TOI-1431b are rarely discovered, but the opposite orbit of this planet makes it even more special. That’s why Dr. Addison, regarding the planet discovered, “If you look at the Solar System, all the planets orbit in the direction that the Sun rotates, and they all lie in the same plane. opposite to the direction of rotation of the star it is moving” using expressions.

Having an enormously high surface temperature, TOI-1431b was first introduced by NASA. Other Planet in Transit Research Satellite (TESS) by the Star Observation Network Group (SONG) in the Canary Islands. The studies of scientists on the exoplanets may enable us to encounter planets with new extreme conditions in the coming period.

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