A Player Developed His Own San Andreas Remaster [Video]

A player who went crazy after Rockstar Games’ GTA: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition disaster decided to make GTA: San Andreas from the beginning. In the shared video, it is seen that the game has graphics close to today’s standards.

Unfortunately, the most up-to-date fiasco of the game world. GTA: The Trilogy- Definitive Edition, still continues to be discussed. Versions where GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas are ‘refreshed’ but add nothing but lighting and meteorite-sized raindrops, other than that even bugs not in the original game was hosting. So much so that even Rockstar is one of the players. apologized.

The debut of these games seems to have made a player very crazy, especially. A user named ‘MapEditorMaster’ on Reddit, GTA: San Andreas developed from scratch announced and announced that it will share the game very soon. The GTA: San Andreas remake of the player who signed the name GHOSTinHELL looked like this:

GTA: San Andreas made from scratch:

As seen in the video, the GTA: San Andreas remake developed by a player, high quality texturesfeatured reflection and lighting, and character modeling close to today’s standards. player, it Far Cry 5’in motoru olan Dunia’da announced that he was developing it, and therefore claimed that Rockstar could not assign royalties to this game. He also stated that he developed the game completely from scratch, unlike those who did other similar projects.


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The player, however, announced that he will share new updates during the process of developing the game. Although it is not yet clear whether the game will be released or not, although the player seems determined on this issue, a company like Rockstar will need to re-develop their game from whatever engine. will not tolerate clearly known. The company had previously taken down a project made in Unreal Engine by copyright. Some of the players who saw the post also gave him advice to at least stay hidden.