A Player Takes 16 ‘Kills’ in 1 Second in Battlefield 2042

A Battlefield 2042 player shared the clip on Reddit, where he killed 16 people in 1 second in the game. The video, which became famous on the platform in a short time, was probably caused by a bug in the game. But it has attracted more positive than negative attention from the internet realm.

Battlefield 2042 has been one of the most curious and anticipated games of war game lovers throughout the year. The game It will fully debut on November 19, but Xbox Game Pass subscribers are already playing the game in early access. Players, who have had the chance to play the game since November 12, have uploaded many gameplay videos to social media so far.

Perhaps the most interesting of these videos was shared on Reddit three days ago. Reddit user u/ChineseLok recently shared an interesting and, for some, fascinating video under the Battlefield subreddit. In the video, the actor plunging into a base like a suicide bomber, The plane crashed into 16 people and killed them all.. The video quickly became famous among Battlefield players.

Here is the clip where 16 players were killed in 1 second:

Battlefield 2042 has been released many times due to the bugs it contains during its early release. got bad reviews. If these bugs are fixed in the original release, it’s not that big of a problem, as players seem to be having fun with them for now. Let’s just say that Cyberpunk 2077 disaster is not like the GTA Definitive Edition debacle.


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This funny video, which is the subject of our news, shows a funny moment that emerged with similar mistakes. u/ChineseLok is driving its plane into an area with many people and it really hits a few. Then, the names that appear in the section where ‘kills’ are shown do not stop.