A question of the background: The pictures of the week (KW18)


A great motif can get lost in the troubled background or sink into complete boredom if it doesn’t fit. This week’s pictures show how creatively the members of the c’t photo gallery deal with the subject of background.

For example, Martin Ruopp wanted to capture the moon behind Hohenzollern Castle. He wrote us how he prepared so intensively for a photo shoot for the first time. But then everything turned out differently: “On I researched the place of the moon rise and the time, studied weather maps and, despite the curfew, made my way to Hechingen to Hohenzollern. At 8:30 p.m. I set up my tripod at the researched location below the castle and waited. At 9:11 p.m. the moon was supposed to rise right over the castle, but nothing happened. It was very cold and it slowly dawned on me that I had probably been paying too little attention to geometry. Because the moon was probably rising at that time, but I couldn’t see it. I was way too low for that. When he appeared at 10:30 p.m., he was miles from the castle. I had no other choice than my moon from December 29th. to be installed with Luminar 4 behind the lock. By the way: I was back home at 11:50 p.m. Just in time!”

Different, but just as creative, gallery photographer Darius Swiderski alias Daborius creates a little wonderland. The ingredients: flowers in a pot, golden grill cleaner rolled out and backlight. As a secret ingredient, Daborius uses a Trioplan 50mm f / 2.9 on his Sony A7R. The bokeh is impressive and found many enthusiastic admirers despite the “eye cancer warning”.

The photo by pewebe proves that a background can also provide exciting additional image information. He photographed a large radio mast from the Drachenberg in Berlin. Behind it is a tiny wind farm. Even the clouds hang so low that the mast looks like it is endless. And even if the effect was achieved through the different sized distances, this composition is really successful.

You can find an overview of all this week’s pictures in our picture gallery.

The picture on Saturday: Since Martin Ruopp was unable to capture the moon behind the castle with the camera, he unceremoniously mounted it into the picture.
(Image: Martin Ruopp

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