A Reliable App for Kids: Kidso


It is almost impossible to get children away from the internet nowadays. However, the uncontrolled internet environment contains countless content that is not suitable for the psychology and development of children. Kidso, an application developed for children, creates a reliable platform without these negative effects.

Internet usage age has dropped considerably. Although we do not talk about conscious use, children like TikTok from a young age. platforms where video content is dominant they are starting to use it. Unfortunately, the content on these platforms is not always suitable for children.

When it comes to children, content that we come across on many platforms such as inappropriate language, sexual content, violence, nudity or advertisements extremely inconvenient. It is known that such content has negative effects on the psychology and development of children. But the internet is actually for kids too. can be made ‘useful’ and there is an application that has succeeded in bringing this to life; kidso.

A safe platform with content prepared with the contributions of pedagogues:

With the aim of enabling children to evaluate the time they spend on the internet by accessing educational, entertaining and safe content, Kidsois an application that includes tales, stories and games prepared with the contributions of pedagogues.

In Kidso, besides audio and video tales that children can watch and listen to with pleasure educational games there is also. This has made the application an application that children can use with pleasure. In addition, the interface design is very simple and it is available for free download from online stores for both Android and iOS devices.

World classic fairy tales to children’s songs, memory and attention games games that foster creativity If you want to take a closer look at Kidso, where there are many options here You can visit the website by clicking.