A Secret Job Posting Has Been Discovered On The White House Website

With Joe Biden officially becoming President of the United States, a job posting was found hidden in the HTML codes of the renewed White House website. Aiming to reach out to developers, this job posting was published exclusively for US citizens.

An event that closely related to the whole world took place yesterday evening. USA’s new president Joe BidenHe took an oath and officially started his duty. With Biden’s appointment, the official website of the White House was also updated. Of the updated site HTML An extremely interesting job posting was discovered in the codes.

If right now you too If you go to and open the HTML code of the site, you will see an information message between the “

” tag. The message contains the following statements: “If you’re reading this, we need your help building back better.“If we need to translate this text, it might mean something like this:”If you’re reading this, we need your help to improve the site better. “

white house secret job posting

Application is exclusive to US citizens

This secret job posting on the official website of the White House is only US citizens can apply. Especially the developers like this kind of thin postings, it also helps to discover experienced people who like to enter the codes of the sites and search for an open call.

Twitter opens a new account for the White House


Twitter Closed The White House Account Used In The Trump Era And Opens A New One

With the arrival of Biden, Twitter opened a white page for the White House. Twitter, which archived the account @ WhiteHouse45 used by the Trump administration, @WhiteHouse announced the new account named to the whole world. It seems that with the arrival of Biden, we will see many changes in the coming days.