A statue mysteriously disappears in Germany

Placed on the top of a mountain in Germany years ago and standing there for years, the statue mysteriously disappeared over the weekend. German police announced that they are investigating the disappearance of the penis-shaped statue.

Quite interesting and mysterious news came from two different countries in the last week. This adventure started with a monolith located in the US state of Utah and then continued with the monolith found in Romania. But both Both in the USA Monolith in romania your beer disappeared.

Today, a new one has joined among the objects whose disappearance is unknown. However, this object is not just any monolith, but rather prepared for the joke was an object. The shape of the object was like a penis. The object in Germany suddenly disappeared today.

Mysterious ‘structure’ lost in Germany:

germany sculpture

Wooden sculpture in the shape of a penis, a few years ago on a mountainside in Germany by unknown person or persons was sewn. German police announced that they started investigating the sudden disappearance of the statue. The statue, which is two meters long, was cut at the weekend, according to the news of the Allgauer Zeitung newspaper, leaving a pile of sawdust behind it.

According to rumors, this statue was given to a young man as a joking birthday gift. But Weighing 200 kilograms This interesting gift did not win the appreciation of the young man’s family and was thrown into the mountains. The statue became a popular haunt for hikers, even marked as a ‘cultural monument’ on Google Maps.


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Who has destroyed this statue, which does not have a very admirable shape, is currently under the German police. being investigated. Perhaps the other disappearances this week were really due to extraterrestrials, and these beings thought this sculpture was their monolith. Or someone is finally tired of this sculpture and has gone into a saw sculpture.

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