A Thief Could Get 8 Years in Prison for Stealing CS: GO Knife


A thief who tried to escape after paying the deposit for the CS: GO knife, which he agreed on for $ 1,400 in Czechia, was caught in the pursuit of the police. It is said that the thief will be tried with an 8-year prison sentence.

In the game world, paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars for rare in-game items is normal. It is not possible to forget the presence of fraudsters when the business is involved. A rare one in czechia CS:GO The buyer, who agreed with the owner to get his knife, was caught by the security forces when he tried to defraud him.

According to the information shared, the buyer and seller are responsible for the sale of the knife in question. $ 1,400 they made an agreement. The buyer paid a deposit of 190 dollars to show that he will not give up trading. However, after receiving the knife, he intended to end the trade without paying the rest of the money, and the trade ended with the police.

$ 1,400 CS: GO knife subject to fraud

CO: GO knife

According to the information the Czech police agency shared on the official website, the victim seller appealed to the security forces over the fraudster’s failure to pay the money. The police have launched an investigation into the matter and the fraudster Up to 8 years imprisonment It is said that he can be tried with his sentence.

At the end of the article in which the police shared the fraud attempt in question, people were buying or selling things on the internet from “strangers”. to be careful invites continue.

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