A Thousand and Fifty Percent Increase in the Number of COVID-19 Patients in Trabzon


Trabzon Provincial Health Director Dr. Hakan Usta announced that between July 20 and August 19, the number of patients kept in intensive care due to COVID-19 increased by one thousand and fifty percent.

A frightening picture has come from Trabzon, where there has been an increase in COVID-19 cases for a long time. Trabzon Provincial Health Director Dr. Hakan Usta stated that there are serious increases in intensive care occupancy rates in hospitals, There was a 950% increase in the number of intubated patients. explained.

According to the master’s statement From 20 July to 19 August The number of COVID-19 patients increased by 621% and the number of patients in intensive care units increased by 1050%. Usta stated that due to the increasing number of intensive care patients, in some cases they had serious problems both in terms of space and workload.

“It is impossible to find an unlimited power, an unlimited space. Everyone has to do their part”

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Trabzon Provincial Health Director Usta said that they had to convert their normal intensive care areas to COVID-19 areas for people who needed intensive care due to COVID-19., if new fields were not opened stated that the intensive care occupancy rate will already exceed 100% by now.

Stating that it is impossible to find unlimited power and space if it continues like this, Usta said, Everyone should fulfill their responsibilities He called for people in Trabzon to be cautious.

Usta made the following statements regarding the increasing number of COVID-19 intensive care patients; “While we had 6 inpatients on 20 July, the number increased to 69 on 19 August. There is a serious increase. According to the increase in the number of cases, we are turning the intensive care units of other patients into Covid-19 by restricting them when needed. Currently, 70 percent. We have a occupancy rate of around 100 percent in Covid-19. We have increased this number by increasing the areas we will use for intensive care in case of need. If we had not opened new areas, the occupancy rate would have been over 100 percent.

Considering the total Covid-19 and other intensive care units, there is a 50 percent occupancy. Intensive care units are filling up day by day. We are trying to meet the need for intensive care with different venues.”


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