A Total of 275 Million TL Support Will Be Given to Artists

AK Party spokesman Ömer Çelik announced that a support of 275 million TL will be given to artists as pandemic support. Thousands of artists and theater players will benefit from this support.

Justice and Development Party Spokesperson Ömer Çelikmade statements after the MKYK meeting held by his party. According to Çelik’s statements, the artists pandemic support will be given. Thousands of artists will be able to benefit from the support.

Omer Celik, in his statement you hear the voices of the musiciansHe explained the amount of support to be given by specifying the Çelik stated that “31 thousand artists will be given support reaching 250 million TL”. “Don’t Keep The Music Quiet” He also stated that the project continues.

Support for the musicians



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Ömer Çelik, after the MKYK meeting of his party “Various measures are being taken within the framework of the pandemic. We want everyone to be positively affected here. In this context, support continues to various sectors with the instructions of our President. Our Ministry of Culture and Tourism The support it gives to artists, theater actors and musicians is important. These supports are delivered to our musician friends within the scope of the ‘Music Keep Quiet’ project.

We will continue to support our musician friends. I would like to express that we receive the messages of all our artist friends and hear their voices. The support given to our theaters is important. 37 million support has been provided so far. From 1 July to 20 September There will be 25 million tour support.‘ he used the words.

Total support 275 million TL



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Especially lately on social media There was a lot of sharing about the condition of the artists. While the situation of theaters and cinemas was the subject of discussion during the gradual normalization process, the issue of supporting musicians was frequently on the agenda.

According to the statement, in total 31 thousand musicians, a total of 250 million TL support package will be offered. A tour support of 25 million TL will be provided to theaters between July 1 and September 20.

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