A Woman Has Tesla Key In Her Arm

Arnie DD, an American software engineer, found the ultimate solution to the problem of losing car keys: inserting the key into his arm by surgery.

Almost all car owners have experienced minor crises when they think they've lost the keys. Arnie DD, a software engineer from the United States, put the key to the Tesla tool in her arm to solve the problem.

The woman who shared the operation process on camera named Hackaday showed how the process was done step by step.

The woman who basically removed the chip from inside the Tesla Model 3 card and opened the chip, placed the key chip on the forearm with the help of a body modification studio and a man using the name Pineapple.

The woman who took the measure in terms of health and wanted to keep the card safe, covered the card with biopolymer. She said the method works but she should keep her arm very close to the car.


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Arnie said that he ordered two spare keys and that he and the future Tesla employee will show how the chip works.

Another Tesla owner, security researcher Truman Kain, turned the car into a security robot that observes and records the faces and plates he encounters on the road. Kain says that they will be made aware of whether they are being followed.


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