A Woman Ordered iPhone 13 Pro Max. Scammed


There are times when it breaks out from time to time in online orders. A woman living in London ordered the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max smartphone and was shocked when she opened the box that came to her home and found hand soap.

In our country and in the world being scammed Every event on the subject falls like a bomb on the agenda. Some from scams If we talk about; Automatic so-called aid system sites, defined as aid foundations, promise to provide financial support to people in need with donations, and then swindle event is happening.

Watching ads lately for win People are scammed by making promises. It applications allegedly promised to monetize users with daily ad tracking tasks. And then the apps pop up. Now is; Liquid soap was found in the cargo box of a smartphone purchased from the internet instead of a phone.

Liquid soap came out of the box instead of the iPhone 13 Pro Max

iPhone 13 Pro Max

London ‘from 32 one year old woman, ordered iPhone 13 instead of Pro Max 1 with the delivery of the dollar liquid soap shock it happened. This event quickly became a hot topic in England. Khaoula Lafaily woman named, iPhone 13 Pro Max’i from mobile operator Sky Mobile with a 3-year contract 1,500 pounds ie approx. 2 thousand 31 dollars bought it in return.

The woman completed the purchase of the smartphone, but when she received the package two days later, the price was probably which is 1 dollar He was shocked to find a liquid soap. Lafailythe company’s service delivery weak is and Sky Mobile’a make a complaint after being found iPhone’unu yet that you don’t get stated.


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Lafhaily, 24 Ocak’ta iPhone 13 Pro Max’i bought it and paid only the daily delivery cost of the device. Thus, the company may have confused both the daily delivery only and the actual product delivered. Sky Mobile, said that he would investigate the woman’s problem, but how the investigation turned out as the company has not reached the woman at the moment not clear yet.

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