A Yandex Employee Caught Selling User Information

Yandex announced that an employee was selling users’ information. Making a statement after the situation revealed during the routine checks, the company stated that the accounts are safe again, but the passwords of the users need to be changed.

Russia-based internet products and services provider Yandexexplained that an employee is selling users’ email account information. The company that does not reveal the identity of the employee only has the necessary access rights to provide technical support. one of three system administrators’ shared the information that it was.

According to the first statements made by Yandex, this situation in total 4,887 user accounts was affected. The company stated that they are currently in the process of informing affected users, but that they secure accounts. Expressing that suspicious login attempts and access to the accounts found to have been sold access information are blocked, Yandex after changing their passwords stated that they can use their accounts safely.

An internal investigation is under way into the incident:



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The incident where users’ account information was stolen, carried out by the company’s security team at a routine security screening appeared, and Yandex stated that they immediately began conducting a thorough internal investigation after the situation was discovered. As a relief detail, during this event, when the data is accessible, any user Payment information was not accessed The information that it was detected was shared. However, no information was received regarding what sensitive information the sold data contained or for what purpose and to whom it was sold.

Situations such as the sale or theft of personal data are often encountered, and all companies are working to keep the data safe with regular security scans at this point. However, since there is no information about how long after Yandex noticed the situation at this point, about how cautious you are it is not possible to make a comment.

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