A YouTuber Describes How To Play Games With One Hand

The Left Shoulder Closed YouTube channel, which has an amputated server, explained in its latest video how it is possible to play the FPS game with one hand.

In the world’s largest video sharing platform, there are many categories such as games, movies, sports, personal development, as well as some content that we can define as “useful” and the YouTube channel called Left Shoulder Closed, which has only 709 subscribers yet.

Left Shoulder Closed is a YouTube channel that offers practical ways for individuals who can only use one hand for any reason to perform everyday tasks designed for two-handed use.

Left Shoulder Closed

Left Shoulder Closed, in his latest video, talked about different ways of playing games with one hand and shared tips on how amputated individuals can continue playing even with one hand. According to Left Shoulder Closed, it is possible to play FPS games using one hand.

Left Shoulder Closed notes that the easiest way for individuals with one hand to play games on a PC is to use a mouse with adaptive keys. In this way, you can assign many functions connected to the keys on the keyboard to the keys on the mouse, and you can play games even with one hand.


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Another way to play games with one hand, according to Left Shoulder Closed, is to use a joystick. Since modern joysticks have many adaptable keys, just like mice, you can assign the functions you want to these keys and play games with one hand.

The video of Left Shoulder Closed explaining how to play games with one hand