A YouTuber Plays PUBG Simultaneously on the Surface Duo

A YouTuber conducted an interesting test to show that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 processor is also powerful enough. YouTuber played PUBG Mobile simultaneously on the Microsoft Surface Duo.

Foldable and dual screen smartphones It started to enter our lives last year and the number of companies joining this caravan is gradually increasing. While Samsung and Huawei stand out on the foldable smartphone side, we see Microsoft with Surface Duo and LG with G8X on the dual-screen smartphone side.

These devices are in the flagship category of companies with their equipment and designs, and the label prices are determined accordingly. But at this point Microsoft Surface DuoThere was a criticism directed at: Snapdragon 855 processor use. People criticized Microsoft’s use of last year’s flagship processor. A YouTuber also shot a video for these criticisms.

Playing PUBG simultaneously on Microsoft Surface Duo

One of the first things to notice in the flagship-class smartphones, which are released every year by companies, is the processor. Especially given the price of these devices, users want the latest processor to be used. Well, flagship processors Are there big differences with the previous generation?

ScarifyLiteral’s Shane Craig responded to people’s criticism of using Snapdragon 865 instead of Snapdragon 855 for the Surface Duo with a very interesting test. To show that the Snapdragon 855 can perform just as well, Craig is on the dual-screen Surface Duo. simultaneously PUBG Mobile played.


Microsoft Surface Duo Takes Endurance Test (Video)

Using an application that allows multiple online accounts on a single device, Shane Craig opened two different PUBG Mobile games on two screens of the Surface Duo and played the games simultaneously. The result was in support of Craig. In PUBG Mobile played simultaneously on Surface Duo with Snapdragon 855 processor no freezing or contraction experienced.

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