About New World EVGA and Amazon Statement Received


After New World fried RTX 3090 graphics cards, a statement came from the game’s producer Amazon and graphics card manufacturer EVGA. Both companies stated that they have taken the necessary steps to rectify the situation.

Recently, the RTX 3090s of Amazon’s new game New World “he cooked” news to you we transferred. Most of the video cards that have this problem were products of the EVGA brand. Users who complained about the burning of graphics cards were waiting for an explanation from EVGA and Amazon.

After this crisis, statements came from the EVGA and Amazon fronts. Both sides declared that they are aware of this problem and they took the necessary steps to rectify the situation.

EVGA solved the crisis at its root

EVA RTX 3090

EVGA officials said they were aware of the burning graphics cards in the closed beta of New World and that they do not want their users to suffer stated. Authorities said in a statement:We are aware of this incident and will replace all graphics cards that fail due to New World.” said.

of EVGA RMA According to the return policy called by the company, users whose graphics cards are burned due to New World will be quickly replaced by the company free of charge after applying to the EVGA system. Although many users are happy with this situation, it is the real culprit of the event. Amazon The number of users who think that it is also quite a lot.

Amazon made a statement about New World

New World burning graphics card

Amazon’s gaming division Amazon Game Studios officials also made a statement about this crisis. Officials said, “We are sorry for the problems caused by New World. We’ve brought a new patch to the game so your FPS will be limited automatically in the game’s menu. In this way, you will be able to play the game without damaging your video card. This game is for your computer completely safeHe explained that they had solved the problem.

Users who burned $ 2,000 video cards, Amazon’s “completely safeAlthough they were quite angry at the phrase ”, luckily, graphics cards were created by EVGA. will be renewed for free. Especially not wanting to keep its users waiting, EVGA takes back the defective graphics cards when the applications reach their hands. before testing Will send new ones.


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According to the information provided by the famous YouTuber JayzTwoCents, this problem is also seen in different NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards.