Access Problems To Crypto Exchange GoldexCoin


The waters are almost not settled in domestic crypto exchanges. A new one has been added to the successive access problem news. While users stated that they could not access the crypto exchange GoldexCoin, a statement came from the company.

The past week has been incredibly active for crypto exchanges in our country. Annoying news one after another confidence in the crypto market There has been a great anxiety in users while lowering it. Moreover, we continue to encounter new news without settling down on the current agenda.

After the news from Thodex and then VeBitcoin the other day, unpleasant news started to come from another local crypto exchange today. Where users report not being able to access GoldexCoinAfter the reported problems, a He did an explanation.

The justification for ‘duplicate transactions and systemic problems’ was given:

Goldexcoin statement

In the statement published on GoldexCoin’s website, for Gldx Token only is and all other processes are reported to be active. Stating that the Gldx Token will be reopened for trading after the problems are resolved, GoldexCoin stated that there will be no loss.

The statement published by GoldexCoin on the website is as follows;

As our valuable users have witnessed in the trading of the Gldx Token, which we opened on 23.04.2021 at 19.20 sistemsel problem has been experienced. As a result of overnight investigations, some accounts were also found to have duplicate transactions. In order not to cause any loss of rights on both the market maker and the market buyer side All transactions made after 23.04.2021 at 19.20 will be reversed. These transactions will only be made for the Gldx Token. All other trades are active.

All of our users’ assets are in the cold wallet. There is no loss.

What our users wish to do in line with their request the investment amount will be refunded to their parties. We inform all our users that the Gldx Token will be opened for trading again after the necessary improvements are made in our system. Continue to follow us. Family


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Stating that the allegations regarding access problems do not reflect the truth, GoldexCoin made another statement regarding the issue. In the statement published on the website, ‘The ‘Site Unavailable’ news on ‘Media’ does not reflect the truth. Access to our site is available and only the Gldx Token part is closed for trading. The sources of the news will be determined and a criminal complaint will be made to the relevant places. Please continue to follow us’‘statements took place.

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