According to Microsoft: Twitter should also be interested in Tiktok

The short message service Twitter has after a Wall Street Journal report Expressed interest in the social media app Tiktok. After Microsoft, there is now a second US customer interested in the Chinese app.

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  1. WITRON Group, Parkstein (Weiden / Upper Palatinate area)
  2. Hays AG, Nuremberg

After initial discussions, however, it was unclear whether Twitter would press ahead with the plans, the newspaper wrote, citing informed people. The Chinese Tiktok owner Bytedance is currently negotiating under massive pressure from the White House with Microsoft to take over the business in the USA and several other countries.

The popular video app is likely to cost several tens of billions of dollars. Financially, Twitter is far worse equipped than Microsoft, which has reserves of more than $ 130 billion. The time window for a takeover of Tiktok is limited: US President Donald Trump issued a ban on business with Bytedance on August 6, 2020, which should take effect from mid-September 2020.

Bytedance wants to file a lawsuit

If there is no solution by then, it would mean the end of the app in the United States. Bytedance immediately announced that it would examine legal action. To Information from US broadcaster NPR A lawsuit is expected on August 11, 2020.

The US government is of the opinion that information from American citizens is not safe with Tiktok, as the providers could be forced by Chinese authorities to cooperate. Tiktok rejects this on the grounds that data from American users are stored in the USA.

Tiktok is the first global social media hit by a Chinese company and is especially popular with younger people. The app claims to have 100 million users in the US alone. You can upload your own clips or watch other people’s videos. Should Twitter come into play, it would also have a certain irony: The short message service bought the video app Vine in 2012, but discontinued it a few years later as part of austerity measures.

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