According to what is the eye color of babies determined?


Parent candidates first want their children to be healthy, then the baby’s eye and hair color becomes a matter of curiosity. Because the baby’s eye color and hair color will accompany him throughout his life. There is a simple calculation method to answer the question of how to understand baby eye color and hair color.

Especially in expectant mothers and fathers with different eye and hair color One of the most curious subjects is how the baby’s hair and eye color will be. All family members want the baby to be born healthy first, and then to look like themselves inside, and the biggest indicator of this is the baby’s eye color and hair color. Babies are generally expected eye and hair color They are born with, and sometimes it can be a big surprise.

Scientists for many years baby eye and hair color They make observations on it. As a result of these observations, a simple calculation method emerged. your mom and dad eye and hair color With this calculation, it is possible to get the answer to the question of how to understand the baby’s hair and eye color. Although the possibility of surprise is always hidden, you can find out what your child’s hair and eye color will be with a general calculation.

What will my baby’s eye color be?

eye and hair color

  • If the parents have brown eyes;
    • 75% Brown Eyes
    • 6.25% Blue Eyes
    • 18.75% Green Eyes
  • If mom and dad have blue eyes;
    • 99% Blue Eyes
    • 1% Green Eye
    • 0% Brown Eyes
  • If mom and dad have green eyes;
    • 75% Green Eyes
    • 24% Blue Eyes
    • 1% Brown Eye
  • If the parents have blue and brown eyes;
    • 50% Blue Eye
    • 50% Brown Eyes
    • 0% Green Eye
  • If the parents have green and brown eyes;
    • 12.5% ​​Blue Eye
    • 50% Brown Eyes
    • 37.5% Green Eye
  • If the mother and father have green and blue eyes;
    • 50% Blue Eye
    • 50% Green Eye
    • 0% Brown Eyes

How are eye colors calculated in babies?

baby eye color

Although the eye colors in humans are generally grouped into 3 basic groups as blue, green and brown, they come in total with different tones. from 23 eye colors we can speak. However, it would be more accurate to talk about the three basic eye colors, as they are described as blue, green and brown at first sight among the public.

As a result of scientific observations a distinct dominance of each eye color over the other was found to be. Accordingly, considering the dominance ratio of the mother’s and father’s eye colors over each other, it can be calculated which eye color the baby will have. Of the three basic eye colors, blue is the most dominant eye color. The second most dominant eye color is brown, and the third least dominant eye color is green. According to this situation with a quick calculation The eye color of the baby to be born can be predicted.

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Of course, there is an allele gene factor that should not be forgotten at this point. It means that the genes from the mother and father combine to form the gene in the individual. non-dominant gene within the allele gene are also available. The non-dominant gene found in the allele gene may occur, albeit with a small probability. That is, a baby can have a non-dominant gene that his father inherited from his grandfather in a dominant way.

The reason for 23 different eye colors is the other color components that make up the three main eye colors. For example; The brown color consists of black, red and yellow, and the green color consists of blue and yellow. This according to the less or more of the components The three main eye colors can have different shades.

At what month does eye color become permanent in babies?

baby eye color calculator

The eye colors of all newborn babies are similar to each other, seen as blue and dark blue. On predicting eye color The reason for this situation, which can be deceptive, is It is the absence of color cells, that is, pigment, in the eyes of newborn babies. The color seen in the eyes of a newborn baby is only a reflection of light.

Eye color in babies can be mentioned only after 6 months. In general, infants In the 6 – 12 month period an eye color is formed and becomes permanent. After this period, there is no change in the eye color of babies, with exceptions. To summarize, it would be best to wait until the age of 1 to understand for sure what the eye color of a baby is.

What will your baby’s hair color be?

how to tell baby hair color

Just like in the baby’s eye color, the hair color of the parents and the hair color of these colors through their dominance possible to make a calculation. We can generally divide human hair into black, brown, yellow and red. Of course, there will be general tonal differences between them.

Since black is the most dominant hair color, if one of the parents’ hair color is black, the child’s hair should be black. probability is high. The second dominant color is brown. Although the baby of parents with blond and brown hair colors is likely to have brown hair, the possibility of blond hair should not be underestimated.

The only chance for your baby’s hair to be blonde both mom and dad that she has blonde hair. It is difficult to say that it is dominant or not dominant for the hair color we can call red, red, orange. However, we can say that if the allele is dominant or non-dominant in the gene and combined with the blond hair gene, it will be more dominant.

According to geneticist Elisa Cinelli, human hair color changes in infancy, childhood and adolescence. time to adult may vary. A baby born with light blond or red hair may develop into black hair in the first six months or during childhood and adolescence. I mean, those who say they were blonde when I was younger may be telling the truth.

In short, how to calculate baby eye and hair color?

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To summarize the details we have explained; The most dominant colors in eye color are blue, brown and green, respectively. The most dominant colors in hair color are black, brown, yellow and red, respectively. Baby eye and hair color is generally shaped according to the most dominant color.

We should not forget the allele gene factor, which means that the genes from the mother and father combine to form the gene in the individual. Although not raided Due to the eye and hair color genes in the allele gene, you may encounter small surprises in baby eye and hair color, although not always. It has even been seen that this surprise factor comes from two or three generations ago.

Whether it’s a boy, a girl, blue-eyed, black-haired, but whatever. May every parent have a healthy child. With the simple calculation method we have explained, you can get the answer to the question of how to understand the eye and hair color before your baby is born. If genome studies continue like this, maybe eye and hair color may even become traits to be chosen by parents in the coming years.