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The business processes in procurement management generally belong to the core processes of a manufacturing company. Only if the procurement processes function smoothly can subsequent production steps be carried out successfully and without delays. Because of this, the procurement processes tend to be high Importance for the company’s success on.

If the processes are carried out manually or if the IT support is only partial, a lot of synergy potential is wasted. Non-transparent and incomplete data, a time-delayed process or repetitive activities are less than optimal and lead to higher personnel costs or errors in the quantity calculation.

Procurement processes
The components of the electronic procurement process. (Graphic: Easy Software)

Procurement processes: tools support the workflow

The aim is therefore to replace the manually carried out business process with a completely tool-supported workflow. Instead of a manual transfer of paper-based documents to the individual stations involved and the various media breaks associated with them, the software manages Data, information and evidence between the participants completely digitally in a uniform work environment. The data and documents can now “flow” seamlessly and without delay between the workstations. Approval and confirmation processes are always transparent.

Procurement processes
The automated procurement process of the purchase requisition assigns the correct cost center. (Graphic: Easy Software)

Despite different processes specific to the industry and production, one thing they have in common is that many processes can be automated using workflows. Decisions about cost-intensive procurement are then made strictly based on data and rules. Instead of inadequate inventories or stock-cost-intensive shortages, suppliers request the right materials in terms of quality and quantity.

Just-in-time production is significantly simplified in this way and resources are conserved at all levels. All employees involved can fully understand the completely digital procurement process at any time. You create the conditions for a end-to-end compliance in the company. Instead of intuition, gut feeling and estimation, the digital procurement process is based on a data-supported and rule-compliant decision that is fully automated.

Procurement processes
Ordering and delivery of goods are linked in automated procurement processes. (Graphic: Easy Software)

More efficiency through solutions from Easy Software

Easy Software AG offers consistent Solutions for procurement tasks. Easy procurement increases transparency and efficiency. Easy Request ensures modern purchasing management. The sub-processes from the requirement notification to the order are mapped completely digitally. Instead of paper-based or laboriously manually scanned invoices Easy Invoice – the electronic incoming invoice software – for transparency, legal compliance and cost savings.

With the help of Easy contract the cooperation of all parties involved can be professionalized. It is a web-based contract management software that teams can use to create, digitally legally secure, and archive contracts. The Easy Software AG for digitization and innovative software solutions. (sg)

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