Additional cost privilege: Telecom against “television copper cables from the last century”


Deutsche Telekom expressly supports the abolition of billing for cable network access via the landlord’s ancillary cost billing. Company spokesman Andreas Middel told on request: “We welcome the planned abolition of the utility cost privilege, because this relic from the 80s is one of the greatest obstacles to faster fiber optic expansion. The compulsory levy for a television copper cable from the last century, which affects around 12.5 million tenants, must be abolished.”

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This is a position that not only Telekom, but also consumer advocates would represent. Michael Gundall from the Rhineland-Palatinate consumer center said about the elimination of the additional cost privilege: It’s about the “Cash cow” the cable operator should be led to the slaughter. That is the real fear of the cable network operators. “A business model that generates a lot of money with little effort.”

The industry association Buglas is different. Managing director Wolfgang Heer spoke out in favor of maintaining the current apportionability for the ancillary rental costs. “Exactly this creates the necessary calculation security, because the high costs for the in-house fiber optic expansion can be refinanced. In apartment buildings, the fiber optics have to be laid in the building itself, which is sometimes very costly. The resulting expansion and operating costs are borne by the property owner and can at least so far, like the costs for the operation of, for example, the elevator and supply systems, they are passed on to the tenants via the ancillary costs “said Heer on request.

This regulation has proven itself, because it gives the tenant the freedom to choose the telecommunications provider, causes the lowest possible costs and at the same time serves as security for the refinancing for the expanding company.

Large companies in the Buglas are M-net Telekommunikations, Netcologne, BBV Deutschland, and, the cable network operator Tele Columbus, many special-purpose associations and municipal utilities as well as network equipment suppliers.

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