Additional pick-up trips: DHL does not pick up parcels from online retailers

DHL has canceled the additional pick-up trips at some online retailers without replacement. The gave the Federal Association of Online Trade (BVOH) announced on April 16, 2020. The parcel service providers, above all DHL, were reaching their capacity limits, said the BVOH.

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This means that consumer purchases are not picked up from the seller and brought to the distribution centers. This means that delivery to the buyer is delayed by several days.

"Various retailers called us extremely worried because parcel logistics companies such as DHL canceled the additional pick-up trips at the retailer without replacement."said BVOH President Oliver Prothmann. "If the parcel service providers had pointed out the bottleneck in good time, the retailers could have throttled sales. Now the packed parcels are at the retailer and will not be delivered."

DHL had sent emails to dealers across Germany on Wednesday, according to BVOH: "Unfortunately, we have to inform you today that despite significant increases in capacity, we have to take drastic measures tomorrow to ensure that we do not endanger our operations in the parcel center in the long term. Unfortunately, we have to inform you that we will not be picking up tomorrow Of your packages to use the time and capacity gained to stabilize our production permanently. "

Other special trips ordered could only have taken half of the roll containers with them, as there is currently no capacity left in the individual parcel centers. "Your special trip for the rest of the week was canceled for the same reasons." According to Prothmann "it's just bad planning" trade with DHL.

At DPD, too, the parcels in front of the distribution centers waited longer than before for the first scan, dealers told BVOH.

"We had to start from pre-Christmas level from the cold start"said a DHL spokesman. Therefore, some retailers were appealed to understand if some of the additional pick-up trips canceled due to high demand had to be canceled. DHL now records 8 million shipments per day – far above the annual average of around 5.2 million shipments per day.

"The main issue here is that special pick-up trips, i.e. additional trips, cannot currently be guaranteed because we have a very high volume of shipments"said the spokesman. In the past two weeks, additional capacity had been created that corresponded to the total capacity of the next largest competitor.

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