Adds EOS to BitMEX Stock Exchange platform

Arthur Hayes, founder and CEO of BitMEX, officially announced on the Twitter page that he listed EOS on the BitMEX Stock Exchange platform and now can trade in.

Added EOS to the BitMEX Stock Exchange platform

Arthur Hayes, made the following share via Twitter:

EOS is now on the BitMEX platform. Trade $ EOSM18 with a 20x leverage via the BitMEX platform

Arthur Hayes claims to bring a deep understanding of trade by adding EOS to the network. EOS serves as a smart contract platform that enables developers to develop decentralized applications in public forums.

EOS aims to remove transaction fees

The EOS, in order to be able to do millions of transactions in the middle of the process, It also aims to remove transaction fees. The platform gains considerable appeal because of its scalability. Trading with BitMEX provides higher leverage in subcontracting contracts without leverage and expiration dates up to 100x on Bitcoin. Earlier this year, Hayes announced the launch of the new EOS futures contract after making significant changes to its trade engine technology. EOS futures contracts A token listing for $ EOSM18 is planned between June 7 and June 29.

BitMEX also allows new users to place, execute and cancel orders in the sandbox test exchange. Hayes also states that the first priority of users is security. Thus, users have lost their operations. The platform is expected to make bigger profits through the global adoption of digital currencies

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