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Promotional measures, tax breaks and a steadily growing supply have led to a sharp increase in new registrations of e-cars and hybrids. The e-vans are facing a similar upward trend. Recently Mercedes-Benz Vans has the E-transporter eVito launched on the market, the eSprinter will follow this year. The plan is to electrify the entire commercial van fleet. Customers should be made eReady.

With e-vans emission-free on the road

There are currently several reasons for the use of electrically driven transporters. Among other customers, such as craftsmen or parcel deliverers are using e-vans locally emission-free on the road and can receive tax benefits for their new vehicles.

In addition, promotional opportunities can be claimed when purchasing an e-vehicle. This helps to cushion the somewhat higher prices that are currently available for comparable burners. However, the range is considered the most important criterion when deciding for or against an e-van. Here the eVito with its up to 186 kilometers is well prepared for the daily demands and routes of many customers.

Electricity consumption and range can be optimized for the Mercedes-Benz E-Transporters by means of various driving programs and several recuperation stages. Depending on the profile of use, a transporter with electric drive can already be at the level of vehicles with internal combustion engines in terms of total cost of ownership.

E-mobility from Mercedes-Benz: focus on courier, express and parcel services

Mercedes-Benz Vans plans commercial electric vehicles for all industries. The expansion should take place according to specific customer requirements and sales opportunities. Initially, the focus will be on so-called CEP customers (courier, express and parcel services). Because of their requirement profile, they are the ideal target group for the mobility strategy of Mercedes-Benz Vans. KEP customers deliver mainly in urban areas and on recurring, routable routes. On average, they require a loading capacity of about one ton and a maximum mileage of around 100 kilometers.

The company's existing electric vans, the eVito panel van and the eVito Tourer, are tailored to the requirements of commercial use in inner cities. The eVito achieves a range of up to 186 kilometers with its installed battery capacity of 41 kWh. The utilization of the battery capacity can be optimized by different driving modes as well as individually adjustable recuperation levels. Even in unfavorable conditions such as low outside temperatures, a range of at least 100 kilometers is possible, as the comprehensive winter tests by Mercedes-Benz Vans have shown.

(Picture: Mercedes-Benz)

Great job

The battery electric drive of the eVito achieves 85 kW and achieves a torque of 295 Newton meters. The top speed is 120 km / h. Charging the battery takes about six hours. The maximum charging power is 7.2 kW. Since the specified range usually covers the daily output of the e-van, the vehicle can be charged overnight.

The maximum payload of the eVito is just over 1,000 kg. Thus, the E-variant is equal to its non-electrical counterparts. The eVito is available in two vehicle lengths: 5.14 m and 5.37 m. In the long version, up to 6.6 cubic meters of cargo volume are achieved. Because the batteries are located under the loading floor, the load compartment for intelligent shelving systems can be fully utilized.

Mercedes-Benz Vans delivers the eVito as standard with a maintenance package and an eight-year battery certificate. Companies that do not have their own charging infrastructure can buy the Mercedes-Benz Wallbox Home, which is primarily intended for individual customers. Fleet customers also have access to an intelligent charging solution that includes networking of the vehicles and a compatible charging station. Via the specially developed Mercedes PRO connect services, the Group offers a remotely controllable and intelligent charging management for fleets.

Mercedes PRO connect services: prepared for the future

In the eVito the communication tool of Mercedes PRO connect is already integrated ex works. Thanks to the permanently installed SIM card, data can be transmitted quickly and reliably via LTE and communication between the fleet manager, driver and vehicle is made easier. The communication tool is the prerequisite for using the digital services of Mercedes-Benz. The fleet manager receives an overview of the entire fleet via the vehicle management tool. He can thus determine the position of the vehicles and better assign new orders.

Drivers can have important order and vehicle data sent directly to their smartphone via the Mercedes PRO connect app. The assignment of a vehicle is possible with the app for drivers. Thanks to real-time data such as traffic volume or information about cheap petrol stations or available parking spaces, the system ensures that the destination is safely and reliably reached. Networking and digital Mercedes PRO connect services are among the strengths of commercial vehicles from Mercedes-Benz Vans.

Analyze driving behavior and operating costs

Customers who are interested in an electrically powered van from Mercedes-Benz, the Group offers the so-called eVAN Ready App (Android/iOS) at. It is also possible to test whether the kilometers driven in one's own fleet can also be covered by an electric van. The free app analyzes the daily routes as well as the driving behavior and creates individual driving profiles. With the eCost Calculator companies can compare the annual operating costs of their own vehicles with those of eVito.

On a webpage Mercedes-Benz provides detailed information about the eVito. In a series of informative videos, questions are clarified such as: "Is the eVito suitable for my daily itineraries?", "How do I load my eVito?", "How do I efficiently drive my eVito?" or "Can I load the eVito as usual?". In addition, there are further insights into e-mobility, such as the electric drive and the high-voltage batteries manufactured by the Daimler subsidiary Accumotive. Interested parties can put together their desired model in the configurator and arrange an e-van test drive. Are you also eReady?

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