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In order to strengthen their brand, companies no longer rely only on product quality and emotional promises, but above all on the optimal customer experience, the customer experience (CX for short). Telephone and email are still the most widely used tools. But companies have recognized that these are not enough for optimal interaction between customers and consultants from any location.

A large proportion of the companies are therefore investing in visual interaction technologies such as video, co-browsing or screen sharing. Because they are often not yet successful with their current solutions, like one Study by market researchers at Forrester Consulting which was commissioned by the software company LogMeIn.

  • Visual interaction: compelling CX wanted

Visual interaction: compelling CX wanted

In interacting with advisors “Customers struggle through a series of disjointed experiences and extraordinarily long calls that leave disappointment and less trust in the brands.”is the verdict of the study.

The reason: The toolsets currently used by companies lack the functions to be able to offer the desired CX. This is especially true for security. For the study, 300 managers worldwide from the areas of customer experience / support, e-commerce and digital innovation were surveyed online. 70 percent of them complain that a software or app has to be downloaded, 62 percent lack the ability to record sessions for training and compliance purposes. Just as many lack a button lock to prevent advisors from completing transactions on behalf of their clients. So it is important to find the right business solution.

The study finds:

  • CX professionals prioritize customer trust and effortless interactions, but struggle to deliver.
  • Organizations are looking for good visual interaction technology to meet their top CX priorities.
  • Organizations will definitely go for the best visual interaction technologies because of the importance of the subject.

We provide the entire Download study here to disposal. See for yourself where visual interaction technologies are headed.

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