Advisory board of the Federal Network Agency: Customers are "cheated with false information"

Ralph Lenkert (Die Linke) has noticeable fines for telecommunications providers that provide false information about available transmission rates. requiredwho sits on the advisory board of the Federal Network Agency. "Customers are cheated with the wrong information about available transmission rates. A wrong provider, a wrong network mean for customers today, in times of contact restrictions for infection protection, that contacts to family and friends as well as the ability to work become difficult or impossible."Lenkert explained on April 8, 2020.

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That in the fixed network only 16 percent of the connections reached the offered transmission rate and 30 percent did not even reach half, and in the mobile network only 1.5 percent of the users received contractual data rates and only 16 percent received at least half of the offer, "is a fraud that must be stopped and has earned significant fines for the telecommunications provider"said Lenkert.

Bundesnetzagentur: "Need for action among broadband providers"

The on Annual report on broadband measurement submitted on Wednesday the Federal Network Agency gave the same picture for the fourth time in a row. "Compared to previous years, there are again few changes. Customers across all bandwidth classes and providers often do not achieve the maximum speed that was promised to them. This means that there is still a need for broadband providers to act"said Jochen Homann, President of the Federal Network Agency.

Most customers were still satisfied with the performance of the provider in the current reporting period (grades 1 to 3). The results of the measurement depend on the tariff the user has agreed with the provider. The measurements do not allow any conclusions to be drawn about broadband coverage. It is only checked whether the providers deliver the contractually guaranteed bandwidth to their customers.

The report covers the period from October 1, 2018 to September 30, 2019. A total of 829,426 valid measurements were taken for stationary broadband connections and 527,558 for mobile broadband connections.

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