Aesthetics of Nature: The Pictures of the Week (KW26)


Beauty – This week’s pictures show particularly aesthetic perspectives of nature. No matter whether human, plant or landscape, small pearls can be discovered everywhere. Two portraits of young women by Ralph Derksen Photography and Andreas Kortt show us grace and gentleness while Culture vs Nature by Robert Löhning or Desert shadow by Joachim Kopatzki Discover the beauty in the extremes.

But it can also be found in unexpected places: in the taste of a good coffee, which Rüdiger Linse gave us with his picture Roasting coffee on a wood fire 1 almost smells. Or in the shadow of the garden, where the sparks grow, with Oliver Oltmanns form follows function skillfully staged. Sometimes we find the aesthetics coincidental, like Carl-Peter Herbolzheimer his field hare in the ditch, who seems undecided whether he prefers to jump into the flowers or lie flat on the ground.

All pictures of this week summarized again in our picture series:

Saturday picture: Katharina von Ralph Derksen Photography The photographer writes: “The picture was taken this month in my Solingen studio. I like to work through a pane. Here it is a pane of an old workshop that is dusty and dirty, hence the blur in the foreground. A small field for that Eye is made a little cleaner. Light comes from the window front on the right side of the viewer, otherwise no extra light source. Eating out on the right was good for me because the ears and hair can be seen again in the background, so a closed contour.

Technically: I worked here with a Sony A7iii together with a Mitakon 50 mm 0.95. Aperture 1.0 – 1.2, ISO 100, 1/1600 sec. The image is not cut.

Postprod: Postproduction took place in the LR using gradation curves and a color shift to the reddish hues. Katharina’s face doesn’t need any beauty retouching. ”
(Image: Ralph Derksen Photography)

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