Afflicted State of the 5 Most Affected Countries by COVID-19

The whole world has been sleeping with the corona virus since the first days of 2020 and has been getting up with the corona virus. The outbreak that erupted in Wuhan, China, has killed more than 3 thousand people so far. A new report published today reveals the painful picture in the five countries most affected by the virus, called COVID-19.

In the past, human beings struggling with many outbreaks such as Spanish flu, plague, SARS and bird flu, this time also Covidien-19 The new type called corona virus outbreak faced with. The deadly virus, which affects social and economic life deeply in the countries where it is seen, has caused the quarantine of millions of people worldwide.

According to official data shared by the public, so far Over 93,000 people COVID-19, spread and killing more than 3,000 people in total, has spread to at least 69 countries outside of China. Today, a new report shared by the German-based research firm Statista reveals the situation of the five countries most affected by the corona virus.

Case-death rates in 5 countries most affected by the Corona virus

corona virus

The report ranks 5.5 percent of the highest case-death rate among the five most affected countries. IranianIs showing in. There are 978 cases reported officially in our neighbor Iran, but when we look at the current data reflected in the press as of today, we see that the number of deaths in the country has increased to 92 and the number of cases to 2.922. in Iran corona virus Vice President Masume Ibtikar is among those caught.


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As the first country where the virus appeared, the case-death rate in China was recorded as 3.8 percent. According to the report, the case death rates in South Korea, Italy and Japan are 0.6, 2.0 and 2.3, respectively. Italy is the country with the highest number of cases outside of Asia. In a statement made by the Roman government today, it was stated that all schools and universities in the country were closed until the middle of this month due to the deadly epidemic.