After complaints about grievances: Apple boss warns leaker


Apple apparently wants to take action against information leaks through which internals penetrate to the outside. Apple CEO Tim Cook has now said in an internal memo that all efforts will be made to identify leakers in their own ranks. Anyone who shares information with the outside world has no business at Apple – the company does not tolerate the disclosure of confidential information about products or meetings, according to the letter, which was immediately leaked.

At the same time, Cook shows himself in that from The Verge published memo frustrated that “most of the details” of the iPhone 13 event had been revealed to the media in advance. He heard that many employees were “frustrated” by it.

Cook’s letter follows the Apple event and a subsequent internal, company-wide event in which Tim Cook responded to questions from employees and, among other things, discussed the corona test strategy of the group. The topics discussed there were also communicated directly to the outside world.

In the past few weeks, there has also been criticism for the first time from employees who complained about internal grievances such as harassment at the workplace and the Group’s culture of secrecy – with this, everything can be swept under the carpet. An Apple employee who turned to the US labor protection agency with her complaints has already been fired – apparently with reference to betrayal.

Activist shareholders are currently using a shareholder motion to force Apple to adjust its nondisclosure agreement so that employees can at least draw attention to problems – without having to fear for their jobs. Shareholders would otherwise be denied an insight into the workplace culture at Apple, so the shareholders – that is a business risk.

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