Age of Empires 2 Mod that Turns DOOM into a Strategy Game

A new Age of Empires 2 mod fuses Age of Empires gameplay with the DOOM theme. DOOM – An Action Sequence, which has just been uploaded to ModDB, has already won the appreciation of nostalgia lovers with its 2-part map where we can also use Doomslayer’s weapons.

A cult FPS and a strategy game combined with the power of modding. Recently dropped like a bomb on mod sites. Age of Empires 2 modu ‘DOOM – An Action Sequence’, filled a bag of hell to one of the world’s most loved strategy games.

The ‘custom campaign’ mode for Age of Empires 2 brought a brand new map and many different figures to the game. The mod, in which weapons and vehicles are also arranged according to DOOM, offers users 2 part story offers.

A world where you control Doomslayer from above

The DOOM-themed Age of Empires 2 mod, which was uploaded to ModDB, one of the most used game mod sites, 2 days ago, attracted great attention from players who could not give up nostalgia. Thanks to the mod, players fight in the depths of hell, not on the open plains of Age of Empires. The enemy is not humans but demons. The imposing shotguns and missiles from DOOM are coming to Age of Empires and elevators, switches with various functions and teleporting devices is also added to the game.

There are 2 sections in the mod where you can play Age of Empires 2 as Doomslayer. In chapter one, you uncover why and how demons destroyed a human civilization on Mars. The second part is It has a similar scenario to DOOM released in 2016.. To download DOOM – An Action Sequence, created by the collaboration of 4 people here You can reach the page in ModDB by clicking on it.

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