Agricultural technology fair Agritechnica shows AI and robotics in the field


The use of robots and the digitization in agriculture – so-called smart farming – are among the focal points of the agricultural technology fair Agritechnica starting on Sunday (10.11.). In Hannover, some 2,800 exhibitors from more than 50 countries will present their new products. Many of the participating companies are concerned with technologies and processes that increase yield at harvest and, at the same time, achieve a gentler use of natural resources.

An overarching theme of the international technology industry meeting of the German Agricultural Society (DLG) is the worldwide integration of production processes. Under the motto "Global Farming – Local Responsibility", new approaches will be discussed to increase understanding of the work of farmers. At the end of October, farmers throughout Germany had protested against the federal government's agricultural policy and, from their point of view, to stringent environmental protection regulations. They demand more appreciation for their profession.

According to the DLG, modern agricultural engineering can make important contributions in order to better reach general goals such as feeding the growing world population, securing biodiversity and improving climate protection. In addition, Agritechnica offers its own supporting program. High-tech applications played an increasing role in helping to achieve these goals.

Digitization has long been a key factor in the agricultural sector too – many farmers run their networked businesses using specialized software and technology ("smart farming"). The exhibitors at Agritechnica include large corporations such as AGCO / Fendt, John Deere or Continental as well as start-ups. 40 small businesses showcase their products and services around big data, artificial intelligence (AI), 3D printing, cloud computing or the use of agricultural drones and field robots.

"Precision Farming" is also on the program. This involves control of the sowing, fertilizing, or planting of pesticides on the field, which is sometimes centimeter-accurate, and the analysis of the soil. In addition to navigation via satellite, robots, sensors and radar technologies are now being used, including Continental.

Almost two thirds of the exhibitors come from abroad this time – most of them from Italy, China, the Netherlands, Turkey and France. More than 400,000 visitors are expected by the organizers. The Agritechnica will end next Saturday (16 November).

Agricultural technology fair Agritechnica shows AI and robotics in the field

Meanwhile, feeders like this feed cows and milking robots are common.

(Image: dpa, Rainer Jensen)

In the agricultural sector, dominant companies such as Facebook or Google have to be prevented, experts in the Bundestag were in agreement.

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The Farming Simulator is one of the best-selling video games and is part of the Agritechnica 2019. In e-sports, the "Farming Simulator League" will be hosting 12,000 euros in prize money among the participating teams this year. At the show, participants can collect points for the 2020 finals on 7 days.


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