AHEAD: watch live from 6 p.m.: How can you plan the future better?


It is precisely the current pandemic that is challenging our ability to plan for the future and future scenarios. Will schools and daycare centers remain open? What about working from home? Should you already book a vacation? All of these are uncertainties at the moment that we need to factor into our future planning. But even outside of the pandemic, we have to assess future scenarios on a daily basis and then weigh up the best possible actions for ourselves. So it is not surprising that according to a representative opinion poll by Civey, 43 percent of Germans say they would like to be able to deal better with the uncertainties of the future. And almost a third of those surveyed find it difficult not to know what to expect.

The fourth episode “AHEAD: watch live” from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) therefore deals with this complex of topics specifically in a digitized learning world. The online event, which is being held in cooperation with Heise Medien, is entitled “The Future of Education” and will take place on January 24 at 6 p.m. The live stream can on the BMBF website as well as further down in this post. The format of a Q+A session also offers the opportunity to respond to viewers’ questions. For this purpose, a QR code will be displayed during the event, which will lead to the event website, where you can type in your question.

Cornelia Daheim, Future Impacts Consulting, BMBF Future Group

(Image: Arnd Drifte)

With two future experts, the concept of “Futures Literacy” explained. It describes how we “read and think” about the future and is intended to enable people to actively think about the future. Education plays an important role in this. Therefore, the focus of “VORAUS:schau live” is on how the increasing digitization of the learning and working world will change our way of learning in the future. For example, how do interactions with people or with technology look like in a digitized world of learning?

Michael Astor, Prognos AG, BMBF Future Office

(Image: Photos Corollary)

In the previous episodes of “VORAUS:schau live”, experts from the future group and future offices were always guests, who advise the BMBF and thus contribute to its strategic foresight. This is also the case in today’s episode: Cornelia Daheim is chairwoman of the BMBF future group and owner of the company Future Impacts Consulting. She noticed an increased interest in dealing with the future, especially in the past year of the pandemic. She sees this not only in the environment of organizations and companies, but also in the population. “Many would like to have more tools and competence for planning with ‘scenarios’ in order to be able to deal with such situations better – even beyond the pandemic,” says Daheim.

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Together with Michael Astor, expert in foresight and member of the BMBF Future Office, she explains in the digital Q&A event which skills we need to open up the future and make our society fit for it. dr Jo Schilling, editor at innovation magazine MIT Technology Review, will moderate the Q&A event. Schilling studied chemistry and decided against research and in favor of journalism after completing her doctorate. She worked for many years as a freelance science journalist before joining Heise Medien.

Two more episodes of “VORAUS:schau live” are planned until June 2022.


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