Aid Campaign for Forest Fires and Flood Disaster


With a Presidential Decree that entered into force, an aid campaign was launched across Turkey. This aid campaign, initiated for forest fires and flood disasters, will be carried out under the coordination of AFAD. Citizens will be able to contribute to these campaigns both in kind and in cash.

Today’s issue of the Official Gazette is important for the citizens. President decisions came. One of these important decisions is the partial reduction of SCT. was that he had come. The second decision was about the disasters in Turkey. According to a Presidential Decree published in the Official Gazette, AFAD will establish a project for the regions affected by forest fires and floods. aid campaign will be the manager.

Commenting on the subject AFAD officialsThey announced that they will both collect the aid from the citizens and deliver them to the region. Organisation, in the warehouses to be established in disaster areas It will quickly deliver the in-kind aids it will collect to those in need. It is expected that a new statement will be made on the subject during the day and all the details of this aid campaign will be shared.

The aid campaign in the Official Gazette is as follows:

Aid campaign for forest fires and floods

The events that started on 28/7/2021 and occurred in our different provinces, especially in the provinces on the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts. fire disasters occurring in many parts of our country with from floods for the victims of the disasters who have been damaged and will be harmed by the fire and flood disasters that may occur thereafter. About starting a fundraiser The enactment of the attached Decision was decided in accordance with the second paragraph of Article 23 of the Law No. 5902.

Article 1- To be applied after recent fire and flood disasters in our country and after fire and flood disasters that may occur thereafter,In order to contribute to the improvement of conditions that negatively affect human life, It was decided to start a humanitarian aid campaign and to coordinate the aid campaign in question. Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency has been commissioned.


Horrible Images from the Flood Disaster in the Black Sea

Collected by governorships, municipalities and other public institutions and organizations within the scope of the campaign. transfer of aid or at public banks and/or private banks for the purpose of making direct donations by real and legal persons. accounts to be opened It is announced by the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency.

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