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The founders of Tastillery, Andreas and Waldemar from Hamburg, who describe themselves as passionate pleasure drinkers and drinking buddies, have made it their business to bring people closer to the world of spirits and fine drinking. The cousins ​​started five years ago with an exciting concept: trial sets with high-quality spirits from all over the world – based on the motto “learning by drinking”. It worked so well that the two of them looked for a financing concept for further growth.

The founders have expanded their online shop to include numerous other sample sets and are now also selling spirits brands they have designed themselves. The vision: as a destination for fine drinking. For this purpose, Tastillery uses aifinyo’s digital financing concept in the seven-digit amount in order to make the best possible use of the growth potential in the future and to make the world a little bit tastier.

Financing concept: Strengthening the capital base of Tastillery

aifinyo Ventures takes a minority stake in Tastillery as part of a cash capital increase. In combination with this, aifinyo supports the financing of the cash lifecycle of Tastillery with further financing modules on a similar scale. Tastillery thus not only benefits from a sustainable strengthening of the capital base. But also from additional liquidity, which in turn can be used to purchase larger quantities of goods. The two founders therefore retain full control over their company. And you can ensure that you can deliver even during seasonal peaks. This allows Andreas and Waldemar to focus fully on their core business together with their team.

Focus on the corporate vision through smart finance

“Life is too short for bad drinks. We want to inspire people to drink better and enter the world of fine drinking with them in a relaxed manner – like drinking buddies. In the last four years we have doubled our sales, which means that the demands and dimensions of the projects are also increasing. Thanks to aifinyo’s financing concept, we now have time to fully focus on our vision and the necessary liquidity to drive the development of our company in the long term, ”says Waldemar Wegelin, founder and managing director of Tastillery.

aifinyo is a smart finance partner for all growth companies, freelancers and founders who need quick and uncomplicated liquidity. To this end, the tech company operates a digital platform for intelligent financing solutions in the areas of factoring, finetrading, leasing and receivables management. In this way, aifinyo supports entrepreneurs in all phases of growing and becoming successful.

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