Airbnb cancels stays free of charge until mid-April

The apartment broker Airbnb wants to accommodate travelers affected by the coronavirus crisis and have booked stays for the coming weeks canceled free of charge. Airbnb reservations usually have to be paid in advance, often at best part of the amount will be refunded. For all stays that were booked until Saturday and start until April 14, a special arrangement now applies, Airbnb said.

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Travel could be canceled free of charge by landlords or guests, it says at Airbnb. The regulation applies worldwide. In China, however, where exception rules already applied due to the spread of coronavirus, Airbnb wants to return to normal on April 1.

The current travel restrictions mean that many Airbnb customers cannot start their stays. Airbnb admitted that it was aware that the free cancellations would hit landlords financially. They will look for ways to support them. Airbnb itself will also waive its service fee for canceled trips. Most recently, the company had slipped deeper into the red.


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