Aircraft Cabin Concept That Looks Like a Meeting Room

This year, the ‘Coffee House Cabin’, which looks as boring as the standard cabin designs, won the ‘University’ category of the Crystal Cabin Award, where new concepts that will shape the future in aircraft interior design compete.

Airplane cabins are boring. Cabins that we want to get out of as soon as possible with narrow corridors, seat gaps that paralyze the legs and designs that make it feel like a fish stack, maximum efficiency In other words, it is designed for maximum passenger capacity. Consequently, there is no need to have great expectations on this matter.

To distract aircraft cabinets from this boring state and to support the emergence of innovative ideas Since 2007 an award event is held. Crystal Cabin Award This award, named, is given to the most innovative, applicable ideas competing in different categories. This year, the winner of the ‘University’ category, which is one of the award categories, raised some question marks in our minds about exactly what aspect it was innovative and creative.

Slightly expensive than economy, cheaper than first class:

aircraft cabin concept design

One of the largest universities in the state of Ohio Design by Cincinatti University Coffee House Cabin has been developed on concepts such as providing the opportunity to attend meetings comfortably during the journey and providing an environment suitable for remote working model.

The design resembling a long meeting table positioned in the middle of the aircraft cabin is particularly feasible and providing cost advantage It was awarded for being an affordable concept. However, in a competition where creative and innovative ideas are expected to be at the forefront, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčturning the seats sideways and throwing a table in the middle How innovative he was seen, that part is a little thought-provoking.

The dreams about the designs of the team that made the design are that even if passengers pay a little more than economy class for their seats for this type of travel, this ‘comfortable’ journey is worth the price. Not as much as the first class.


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You can take a look at all the concepts competing in the category here:

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