Akbank Statement from Famous Hacker Group Anonymous


The famous hacker group Anonymous shared a statement on today’s Akbank problem and allegations on Twitter. The group’s statement reinforced the allegations of cyber attacks.

Akbank, one of Turkey’s largest banks, has been experiencing difficulties in accessing almost all of its services, including mobile and internet banking, since this morning. since 08:00 Cyber ​​attack allegations were made about the ongoing cuts. Akbank did not respond to these allegations in the first statement it shared, and later denied it in its statement.

Akbank’s latest statement on the subjectToday, the public news that the slowdown and interruptions in our bank’s systems are due to cyber-attacks do not reflect the truth.” he had stated. On the subject in the past few minutes from an unexpected place description shared.

Akbank statement from Anonymous:


Twitter’da Anonymous’a “Tell the truth, is this your job?” was asked and Anonymous answered this question. Anonymous used the following statements in his response on Twitter:

We did not attack Akbank. But we know that they have been hacked many times. We think they won’t hide it this time.


All Akbank’s Systems Disabled: Cyber ​​Attack Alleged [Güncelleme]

Especially the last sentence of Anonymous, the allegations of cyber attack against Akbank. strengthens was quality. While Akbank has not yet made a new statement on the subject, the bank’s users still continue to experience the same problem.