Akkuyu Nuclear Project to be Submerged in 2030

İsmail Hakkı Atal stated that the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant Project in Mersin will be flooded as a result of the rising sea level. According to Atal, if the project is not abandoned immediately, a major disaster is inevitable.

Eastern Mediterranean Environmental Associations Volunteer Advocate Ismail Hakki Atal; Akkuyu Nuclear ProjectHe said that i will be submerged under sea water in 2030. He said it should be canceled immediately. One of the Akkuyu Nuclear Project national security issue Atal noted that if such a thing happens, Turkey’s public health and economy will collapse. stated.

Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant in Mersin Environmental Impact Assessment Within the framework of the action for annulment against the approval of the (EIA) nuclear power plant, facia Atal noted that; The bureaucrat named Faruk Uzel said that the Russian company responsible for the construction could not build the power plant properly and it was buried below the ground level.u the power plant for Turkey, as it could not prevent its leakage. saying it’s pretty dangerous resigned from the project conveyed.

As a result of a possible disaster, Turkey’s health and economy could be irreversibly damaged.

Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant

What would be the consequences of a rise in sea level, the tsunami in Japan in 2011 and its aftermath. biggest nuclear disaster in history Reminding us of what we saw in Fukushima, where it happened, Atal; thyroid cancer in adults after these events 29thyroid cancer in children 500 fold, leukemia 10.8 floor of breast cancer 4.2 fold and paralysis cases 3,52 stated that it has increased. Stating that the economic effects of the project will be terrible, besides health, Atal said that the official cost announced by the Japanese Government after the nuclear disaster in Japan 250 billion dollarstogether with other disaster-related effects. 1 trillion dollars recorded as much.

Section, 5.12.2016 during a discovery TBB Environmental Law Commission; rising sea level as glaciers melt radioactivity in case of persistent increase From Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant will blend into the Mediterranean ecosystem. saying that it He stated that it would pose a threat to the lives of 500 million people.


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At the point reached today, the previously determined earthquake, cooling water temperature and 56,000 ton on top of the risk of ground concrete cracking before the weight of the nuclear reactor is put on, the risk of sea level rise that we mentioned in the discovery on 5.12.2016 scientifically embodied. Atal emphasized that the project should be abandoned immediately.

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