Akon is Building a Futuristic City in Uganda

Famous singer Akon announced that he will establish his own futuristic city in Uganda after Senagal. Akon’s own crypto currency AKoin will be used in the new city, which is expected to be completed by 2036.

Akon, who has become a popular artist worldwide with icon songs such as Smack That and Right Now, has become his own cryptocurrency in recent years. Had launched AKoin.

AKoin’s origins have been unclear for a while, and the 47-year-old singer said that he would establish a futuristic city in Senegal, his native country and Uganda, another African country. as currency He announced that AKoin will be used.

Futuristic city in Uganda to be built on 2 thousand square kilometers

Akon City Senagal

The futuristic city called Akon City in Senegal will start this year and Akon is for the city 6 billion dollars has made an investment. For the city in Uganda, which is expected to end in 2036, the famous singer hesitated to explain how much he will spend, so that Uganda can develop and develop. investing in a new city expressed that it is necessary.

Republic of Uganda, about to Akon for the futuristic city of the famous singer 2 thousand square kilometers allocated space. Speaking to the press, Akon said that facilities such as Hamptons Hospital, a shopping center, a police department and a stadium in the city absolutely He stated that AKoin will be used as the currency in this city.

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