Aldi Talk annual package: Smartphone tariff for the annual price of 60 euros

Aldi emulates Tchibo and recently offers a smartphone tariff with a term of one year. In detail, however, both offers differ significantly.

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In the branches of Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd customers can buy the Aldi Talk Annual Package buy for the price of 59.99 euros. Existing customers can also book the package via the Aldi Talk app. It is only offered for a limited period, Aldi wants to take it after 31 December 2019 from the range. The package has a duration of 365 days.

The annual price of 59.99 euros includes a telephone and SMS flatrate in all German networks. The data flatrate includes an unthrottled data volume of 12 GByte per year. Calculated, the customer receives an average of unrestricted data volume of 1 GB per month. The data volume is calculated on the whole year.

If the customer only consumes 500 MB of data in the first two months of the year, for the remaining ten months, he has an unthrottled data volume of 11 GB. So if you only need a higher volume of data every now and then, but are content with less than 1 GByte per month, you will not need to book additional data volume, as would be the case with other smartphone tariffs. If the 12 GB are not used up even after one year, the remaining data volume will be forfeited. So it can not be taken over in the following year.

Posting of data volume comparatively expensive

Aldi Talk uses Telefónica's mobile network and customers can use the provider's LTE network. The maximum speed is 21.6 Mbps in the download and 8.6 Mbps in the upload. If the data volume of 12 GB is used up before the end of the year, the speed is reduced to 56 Kbps. Alternatively, unthrottled data volume can be rebooked: For 1 GB, then once 6.99 euros are due – in comparison to the total fare, the costs for subsequent booking are comparatively high.

The Aldi Talk Annual Package can be rebooked after the end of the year. This happens automatically when the credit on the prepaid card is sufficient. If this is not the case, the annual package ends.

Tchibo annual package with a different approach

The approach to the Smarpthone tariff annual package from Tchibo is completely different. The Smart Annual Flat costs 99 euros per year. Again, there is a telephone and SMS flatrate in all German networks. Every month there is an unthrottled data flatrate of 1.5 GB.

At the end of the year, Tchibo customers will receive a total of 18 GB of unthrottled data. However, it is not possible to consume more than 1.5 GB within the same tariff. The Tchibo annual package ends after one year and can not be renewed. Tchibo also uses the Telefónica mobile network.

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