Alexa replaces Siri with the back door

So far, only one language assistance system has dominated Apple’s platforms: Siri. An exchange by a competitive technology such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa is not intended, these must be brought to the iPhone & Co. using the app.

Amazon now has a new trick ready as part of its developer program: Alexa is to land directly in more and more iOS applications in the future, making it easier for users to access. Alexa for apps is available for iOS and Android, whereby Amazon seems to be explicitly targeting iOS – the exchange of the voice assistance system is easier in Android.

The popular Chinese video application TikTok is one of the first apps to use Alexa for Apps. Among other things, this should make it possible to trigger the filming directly via Alexa – practical for contactless operation. In the future, other apps from the Alexa application can also be opened from the iPhone if the relevant skills are available. This applies to Twitter, for example, where you can even search for certain hashtags.

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More from Mac & i

Amazon uses so-called deep links when calling up the apps. One app can use this directly to call up another and activate certain functions. Alexa for Apps should be integrated into every app; The SDK or the Alexa app can activate other apps whenever deep links are supported. The latter is the case with numerous well-known apps – from Uber to Google Maps.

Alexa for Apps is currently only available to certain developers. Interested parties must register with the group. Then you may have early access. TikTok with Alexa should come in one of the upcoming versions; other providers who would like to include the language assistant are Uber, Zynga, Volley and the US Yellow Pages.


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