Alexa's Application for Apple Watch

A third party software, Voice Ina Can, allows you to use some of the features of Alexa, the successful audio assistant of Amazon, on the Apple Watch.

Siri, who will be releasing a number of developments since Apple gave the iOS 12 heritage is one of the most important voice assistants in the industry, but it is very hard to say that it is the best. Because Amazon, which has proven itself in all aspects of technology, has been recognized by many as being in front of Apple in the sense of voice assistant.


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Until today, Apple Watch, which supports only Siri application, is in a position to support Amazon's Alexa with a third party software called "Voice In A Can". The system has a very simple setup, all you need to do is a Wi-Fi connection.


If you want to download the free application as a Watch plugin then connect with Amazon account.
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Of course this application is not a formal process, so it brings with it a number of restrictions. Music, audio books and podcast-like applications were under Siri's control; you can freely use applications based on Alexa, based on smart home stuff.

Although it is not impossible for Alexa to integrate fully into the Apple Watch, it should be noted that this annex is functional enough, since there is no official agreement. "Voice In A Can" with a price of $ 1.99 is a very successful alternative for users who get squeezed from Siri.


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