All Cars Tesla Produced From The Most Expensive To The Cheapest


Tesla, the electric car giant, which has made great innovations in a short time, has unveiled many electric car models since 2008, and all of these cars are undoubtedly talked about a lot. Let’s examine these very popular models from the most expensive to the cheapest.

Tesla makes extremely radical changes by saying stop to the production of conventional vehicles of traditional automobile brands and continues to break the routines of the automobile industry with every new model it releases.

Tesla, which excites car lovers with the new technologies it adds to its cars every day, from the most expensive to the cheapest We have compiled all models for you in this article.

Tesla models from the most expensive to the cheapest

  • Tesla Model X
  • Tesla Model S
  • Tesla Model Y
  • Tesla Model 3

Electric SUV Tesla Model X with hawk wings:

Tesla Model X

  • Starting price: $ 81,190 (USA price.)

Tesla Model X We can use the expression of the pinnacle of electric vehicles. Its features and price prove the accuracy of this statement. Tesla Model X, the electric automotive with a seating capacity of 7 people, owes most of the design (especially the interior design) to the Model S.

Arguably one of the most striking features of the vehicle is “falcon wings” called overhead electronic gates. Tesla’s designers made these doors the American science fiction movie that was released in 1985. He states that they designed inspired by Back to the Future.

If you want to use the fully autonomous driving technology that Tesla especially emphasizes, you have to pay an additional fee in this model as in every model. If in your Model X car If you want to enjoy fully autonomous driving, you have to pay 10 thousand dollars more. However, you do not pay for the autopilot feature. Tesla offers this feature as standard.

The battery range and 0-100km / h acceleration of this vehicle, the fastest SUV in the world, are as follows:

  • Tesla Model X Long Range: 360 Mil(580 km), 3.1 saniye 0-100km/s
  • Tesla Model X Plaid: 340 Mil(550 km), 2.5 saniye 0-100km/s

Sports electric car: Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

  • Starting price: $ 70,620 (USA price.)

Tesla Model Sis a highly equipped sedan model with long and low design lines, similar to what you might find in a Jaguar.

While the Model S operated on the rear-wheel drive principle on some of its previous versions, all of the last produced Model Ss all-wheel drive works as. This makes the Model S even stronger in terms of performance. The Plaid version of the Model S, which is very good in performance, is hard to believe, but it is exactly 1020 horsepower.

Model S first released in 2012 and helped Tesla enter the market as an automaker. Tesla has continued to update the Model S since its launch, and most recently there are three versions of the Model S: Long Range Plus; Plaid; and Plaid +. Standard and Performance models were recently removed from the product range.

The Model S, the most performance car Tesla has produced, gives the kind of 0-100 performance that speed lovers will like, while also having very good battery ranges:

  • Tesla Model S Long Range: 412 mil(660 km) menzil, 3.1 saniye 0-100km/s
  • Tesla Model S Plaid: 390 mil(580km) menzil, 2 saniye 0-100km/s

Car and SUV hybrid racing with giants: Tesla Model Y

  • Starting price: $ 49,200 (USA price.)

Tesla Model Y It literally passes as Tesla’s compact SUV. Because compared to Model X, the other SUV model, Model Y is both smaller and more economical. In fact, Model Y fills the gap between Tesla’s cheapest model, the Model 3, and its most equipped vehicle, the Model X. At the same time, you can increase the capacity to 7 people by adding 2 more seats to your vehicle by paying 3 thousand dollars more.

The compact SUV segment is one of the best-selling segments today and there are almost no electric options. That’s why Tesla has strengthened its hand against its rivals with Model Y. Although it is a slower car than Model X and Model S, the performance version of Model Y 0-100 performance, Bentley’s SUV model is even better than the 626-horsepower Bentayga. Here’s the Tesla Model Y’s battery range and 0-100km / h time: