All of Microsoft’s Services Crashed: It Takes 5 Hours to Fix

Microsoft ran into a DNS problem last night, which is said to be sourced. The problem, which took 5 hours to fix, resulted in a loss of access to services such as Microsoft Teams and Xbox Live. Turkey continued until the morning of the study by Microsoft has finally overcome the problem situation.

US-based technology giant MicrosoftConsumers using its services faced an hour-long outage last night. So much so that many services of the company, from Microsoft Teams to Xbox Live, are could not provide service. Moreover, this interruption took 2 hours, and it took about 5 hours to completely eliminate the problems. Microsoft about the disruption to its services in official statements was found.

A Microsoft spokesperson explained that they are working non-stop to fix this problem that affects many of their customers. The statement that the problems were corrected also came from the same spokesperson. According to the information on the service status page of “Microsoft 365”, one of the collective services of Microsoft, this problem is, It originated from DNS and it affected nearly every service of Microsoft.

Games connected to Xbox Live account could not be reached


The disruption in Microsoft services directly affected the players. Because so many players last night, Xbox Live Could not access the games he connected with his account. Just like Microsoft 365’s, Xbox Live’s service status page also indicates that there are problems with this service. emphasizing that he should wait shared messages.


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Microsoft did not provide an explanation as to the reasons for the DNS-induced outage. However, this deduction is for Microsoft it was not a first. Strangely enough, a few weeks ago, on March 15, there was a similar outage, and Microsoft’s services were about 4 hours could not be used throughout.

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