All the Innovations Expected to Introduce at WWDC 2021

WWDC, Apple’s annual developer conference, will start this evening at 20:00 TSI. We brought together all the innovations expected this year at WWDC, which draws attention especially with innovations in software, let’s take a look together.

Apple organizes annual World Developers Conference (WWDC) will hold it online for the second time this year. The event, which was held online last year due to the pandemic, will start on June 7 this year and continue until June 10. In the event, where more than 30 million Apple developers from 227 regions around the world can participate for free, Apple announced that we will see it on all Apple platforms in 2021. innovations will share one by one.

The first day of the event, where the innovations will appear, will be available on Apple’s website, Apple Developer application, Apple TV application and YouTube. can be watched live. While the eyes are curiously turned to WWDC, which will appear on June 7, we gathered our expectations for future innovations before the event.

Here are all the innovations we expect to see at Apple WWDC:

Apple WWDC 21

  • For all Apple devices new software (iOS and iPodOS 15, macOS 12, watchOS 8, tvOS15)
  • New MacBook Pro
  • New Mac mini

New software (iOS and iPadOS 15, macOS 12, watchOS 8, tvOS 15)

iOS 15

iOS 15 ve iPadOS 15: The biggest innovation expected to appear on the first day of WWDC is iOS 15, which is expected to be presented to our liking with the next generation iPhones. Security and privacy enhancements iOS 15, which is expected to come with some innovations that will be at the forefront, also offers its users. new notification setting options and it is expected to introduce changes such as an updated lock screen. iPad 15 On the other hand, it is thought that similar innovations will come with iOS 15 in general. It is thought that iPadOS, which gained great acclaim with the innovations that came last year, will spend this year more calmly.

macOS 12: macOS, the operating system of all Apple’s computers, last year macOS Big Sur It appeared before developers and users with its name. We also have a lot of information about the operating system, whose name is still a secret for this year. there are no details.

watcOS 8,

watchOS 8: WatchOS 8, which is expected to bring a number of innovations and improvements to Apple Watches, is one of the innovations that we will encounter at WWDC 21. Along with Apple’s watchOS 8 providing more data It is expected to offer features and a new interface. However, Apple is so good at hiding information that it is not possible to say for sure since we haven’t seen much about watchOS 8, except for concept designs.

tvOS 15: The operating system of Apple TVs is tvOS 15. a kid mode where parents can control It is expected to arrive. There is no other information about the operating system. It looks like we’ll have to wait for WWDC to take a look at the upcoming innovations.

New MacBook Pro

macbook pro

Although not certain, it is thought that Apple will add some new devices to its operating systems. The first is a new MacBook Pro. M1 chipset and a 16-inch display The arrival of this new MacBook Pro, which is thought to have, is not certain, at least within the scope of WWDC, but it is worth considering the possibility.

New Mac mini:

mac mini

Another new Apple device expectation is the Mac mini. It is thought that Apple’s powerful and small computer Mac mini will appear with a more powerful version at WWDC. ‘Apple uses in its new iMacs’different color options‘ application is thought to be implemented on the Mac mini as well.


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We know that Apple is quite secretive, especially in innovations for operating systems. Therefore, we do not have many details regarding all these expectations. Fortunately, the day we learn is very close now, so as not to miss the details. on June 7 don’t forget to check them out.