Alleged Annual Fee for Monthly Subscription

According to a claim on, an Exxen subscriber received an annual fee even though he received a monthly subscription. It is said that Exxen did not issue a refund despite this mistake.

Acun Ilıcalı’s digital broadcasting platform Exxen endless discussions and complaints about. According to a new claim shared on, Exxen is from the bank account of a user who wants to subscribe to the platform monthly. annual fee and the attempts made to correct the error in question have been inconclusive for 12 days.

“I got curious about the platform called Exxen and became a member. While signing up, the monthly fee was written. You could cancel whenever you want without commitment. I signed up too if If I don’t like it, I cancel I thought” Saying Exxen’s Statement shared on in that:

exxen complaint

“A few days after I became a member, Exxen withdrew 199.90 lira from my account. He received an annual payment. Upon this, I contacted customer service, they asked for a receipt and sent them that they would be interested in that annual payment was withdrawn from my monthly subscription. It’s been 12 days. My return was not made. I just asked them to collect 1 month and return the rest.

That minute anyway I canceled my membership from Exxen but I can’t get my money. I sent e-mails many times, and each time they said our work continues. I haven’t understood what kind of work for 12 days. Unless I make a refund, they will have a very different status in my eyes because they show monthly and draw annually. “

exxen payment selection

In the said complaint, Exxen’s stages of becoming a member “Choosing a Package” screen and a transaction history screenshot showing that 199.90 TL was withdrawn. However, there is no concrete evidence as to whether Exxen’s payment infrastructure is a bug or a user error. So how about such a user error can it?

Although it is not included in the screenshots on, there is a problem between the package selection screen and the payment transaction in Exxen. monthly or annual payment option is also available. Those who want to subscribe to Exxen choose whether they will make their payments monthly or annually after deciding which package to subscribe to. Annual payers, Exxen for one year 2 months free somehow they can use it.


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In the incident mentioned on, it is possible that the user who voiced the complaint, absently or unnoticed, marked the annual payment option. Because when this option is selected, exactly as mentioned in the complaint 199,90 TL would have to make a payment. However, as we mentioned above, there is no concrete evidence as to whether the error is user-induced or Exxen.

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