Alleged Cyber ​​Attack Attempt on 112 Emergency

It was alleged that the 112 Emergency Call Center was the target of a cyberattack, and efforts were made to lock the services by making continuous calls from offline numbers.

Just like every other country, our country has a emergency call center has. In order to be able to call in the fastest way since the dial-up phone days, our country’s emergency call center 112 number given, this center 112 Emergency known as.

112 Emergency Call Centertoday is a cyber attack allegedly targeted attempt. Affect 4 cities In the attack attempt, it was aimed that the headquarters were constantly called and their phones were locked so that they could not perform their activities.

The attack happened at 17:51.

112 emergency

In the attack affecting 4 cities, 112 Emergency Call Center It started being called continuously from offline numbers. 17: 51’of This intensity that started was made using the same internet-based phones in the provinces where the attack was attempted.

Operators in the provinces exposed to the attack, on the other hand, use the numbers used by malicious persons. prevented. During the attack, some citizens reach the 112 Emergency Call Center faced difficulties specified.

Authorities of emergency call numbers not to engage While making warnings, it was announced that investigations were initiated after the attack attempt. In this way, it is aimed to reveal those responsible for this attack.

Emergency numbers should not be wasted

112 emergency

Emergency numbers can be critical for many people, although there is no guarantee that we will not need these services one day tomorrow. For example, the 112 Emergency is only in Istanbul in a year. More than 7 million people is stated to be looking. When we look across the country, this number is increasing exponentially.

By Decree No. 703 112 Emergency Call Center by the governorships to those who are busy with false denunciations 250 TL administrative fine the decision to implement it was made. Of course, the penalty for cyber attacks will be much more severe.

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