Allegedly, Apple Will Hold Two Different Events This Year

Digitimes, which is very familiar with Apple’s supply chain, claimed that this year the technology giant will hold two different events in September to promote its products.

Technology giant Apple, to introduce the new iPhone model and other new models to date. under only one event in september was signing. According to sources in Apple’s supply chain, tech enthusiasts this year For the first time in history, two different events waiting.

According to the statements made, Apple will introduce the new iPhone 13 model smartphones at its first event. Towards the end of September, the company a second event to promote a range of products will arrange.

Apple has yet to confirm the claims:


The reason behind the claims that Apple will hold two different events has not been finalized yet, but according to what is said, the company from promoting all their products without securing the supply chain avoiding. The company, which we expect to introduce many new products this year, such as the iPhone 13, AirPods 3 and new iPad models, is allegedly only iPhone 13 in the first place will introduce.

For now, let’s say that all these rumors are just allegations. However, these allegations Digitimes also knows quite a bit about Apple’s supply chain. it’s good to say. Therefore, it is useful to wait for an official statement from the company a little while before the new Apple event.