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No other vacuum bag like the new VAC 95+ can offer such excellent barrier properties with high performance in product presentation and the best environmental compatibility. The novelty consists of more than 95 percent polypropylene (PP) and a thin high barrier. Hence the name VAC 95+. In contrast to the original combination of polyethylene (PE) and polyamide (PA), PP can be easily recycled. The innovative PP bags with a thin high barrier can be identified in modern sorting systems, sorted out and then recycled and processed into high-purity recyclates. From these recyclates, in turn, new products are created – in other words, a cycle.

Vacuum bag with very good recyclability

The excellent recyclability of the VAC 95+ has now been officially confirmed: for the latest generation of PP bags, allfo, the European supplier of high-quality vacuum packaging, has received EU-wide certification from the cyclos-HTP institute as an excellent recyclable product of class AAA. This makes allfo the first and only manufacturer of vacuum bags to be certified as having the highest recyclability class for its product.

“With the VAC 95+ we hit the nail on the head and offer an innovative and sustainable solution at the right time. Because the pressure on food manufacturers and the packaging industry is growing all the time. More than ever, ecological alternatives to conventional vacuum bags made of PA / PE are in demand. With our new VAC 95+ we are delivering exactly this alternative, which is also expected by consumers at the point of sale, ”explains Harald Gessinger, sales manager at allfo. The plus in sustainability is visible to everyone – through the imprint “100% recyclable”. The VAC 95+ was developed in the company’s own laboratory and application technology center at the German location.

Better barrier properties than vacuum bags made of PA / PE

Sustainable product protection is powerful as usual. It even has better barrier properties than the classic PA / PE vacuum bags and thus keeps food fresh and appetizing for longer. The high barrier properties protect the packaged products against water vapor (H2O) and oxygen (O2) and thus ensure a long shelf life for food and other sensitive products. Due to its very good sealability, the VAC 95+ can be used on all common vacuum chamber machines.

This makes it the ideal environmentally friendly bag for sensitive foods such as meat, sausage, fish or seafood. Cheese, potatoes, ready meals and vegetables also stay fresh longer in the VAC 95+ and are reliably protected from spoilage during transport and on the shelves. The close fit of the vacuum bags to the product and a stable gas and oxygen barrier ensure the hygienic preservation of food.

With VAC 95+, manufacturers achieve the recycling quota

The new vacuum bag from allfo helps companies to achieve the recycling quota required by the EU. The European Packaging Directive (94/62 / EC) published in 2018 affects all member states and requires a recycling rate of 50 percent for plastics within the next five years. By the end of 2030, the rate is expected to increase again – to 55 percent. The European Commission even advocates that by this time all plastic packaging on the EU market should be recyclable.

“Here in Germany, these more stringent requirements already apply. Our national packaging law requires a recycling rate for plastics of currently 58.5 percent, from 2022 it will have to be as much as 63 percent. With our VAC 95+, which is produced in Germany, companies can achieve the required high recycling rates – today and in the future, ”says Gessinger.

Vacuum bags reduce the CO2 footprint

Not only its recyclable materials, but also the high quality of the PP bag pays off for the environment. Because the CO2 footprint that arises in food production is significantly higher than that in the manufacturing process of vacuum bags. Every vacuum bag that protects food from spoiling makes a contribution to greater sustainability. All the more environmentally friendly when the product protection can also be completely recycled like the latest innovation from allfo.

the allfo GmbH & Co. KG is a European supplier of high quality vacuum bags. The extensive range, which is available in various sizes and film thicknesses, ranges from edge-sealed, shrink and tubular bags to boil-up and stand-up pouches through to multi-layer bags. Flexible and fast production guarantees short delivery times and the highest level of security of supply for customers. (sg)

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