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  • Optimized space planning and use for your own branches and wholesale partners
  • Showcase regional products with individually equipped branches and improve the shopping experience for customers

Alnatura: 139 supermarkets with 6,000 different products

To achieve this, Alnatura implemented the category management solution from Blue Yonder. With the planogram generator from Blue Yonder The organic retailer from Darmstadt can create store-specific planograms. These are geared towards customer needs and thus avoid unnecessary inventory.

Alnatura was founded in 1984 and operates 139 supermarkets in 69 cities across Germany. The company offers 6,000 different products in its branches, including 1,300 different organic foods. These are sold under the Alnatura own brand both in its own supermarkets and via 12,700 retail partners across Europe. In order to cater to the different local customer preferences and to be able to efficiently meet the challenges of high availability of goods while at the same time restricting the available space, the retailer had to increase the automation and efficiency of its branches. For this reason, Alnatura opted for the Blue Yonder product group management solution in order to achieve these goals.

The product group management solution from Blue-Yonder enables Alnatura:

  • Automatically generate branch-specific planograms that take into account the available space and local conditions. This ensures that the right products are available on the right shelf in the right stores. Local products are also included in the range wherever possible; the availability of goods in the freshness could thus be increased by six percent.
  • Thanks to the store-specific planograms and the adjustments in the range, an increase in sales in terms of freshness of four percent.
  • A better and more transparent cooperation between category managers: inside and room planners: inside, which leads to improved performance of the space used in each branch.
  • Carry out a networked review process. As a result, and with the introduction of store-specific planograms, the implementation rate has improved by around 30 percent.
  • Reduce the number of items that lead to inventory leftovers by approximately 29 percent.

Implementation of the planograms in the branches is increased by 30%

“We chose Blue Yonder because customer orientation is a central factor in our day-to-day business. We have thus established a process to cover the various local needs of our customers. At the same time, we were able to improve our planning and increase the implementation of the planograms in the branches by 30 percent. We look forward to expanding our cooperation with Blue Yonder in the course of transforming our branches and our day-to-day business, ”says Manuel Canella, Category Manager at Alnatura.

Alnatura already has that

Product group management solution from Blue Yonder in use in its branches and is now expanding its use to its wholesale business. This means that the same space planning options are available to the organic retailer’s B2B customers and the Alnatura products also ideally fill the space available on the shelves of the wholesale partners.

Product group management is a core component of all retail processes ”

In summary, the combined solution of Space & Floor Planning from Blue Yonder enables Alnatura to make even more precise decisions regarding the use of space and space in its supermarkets. The use of local customer needs and reliable analytics functions enables the Darmstadt organic retailer to optimize the utilization of its sales areas and thus increase sales. The solution is part of the Luminate ™ Commerce portfolio. The native integration enables the use of the planograms for the floor plan, which simplifies, automates and accelerates the planning process, design and implementation for each individual branch.

Goods group management is a core component of all retail processes. That is why it was so important for Alnatura to implement a planogram solution that could cover the individual requirements of each individual branch, ”says Johan Reventberg, President EMEA at Blue Yonder. “Alnatura is now able to create store-specific planograms in order to increase planning efficiency and meet the changing expectations of customers.”

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